The Numberstation recording console was built in Memphis, TN. The Harris M-90 is the final revision of the Auditronics 110 Console, and the fully-loaded 26 channel version (which is the one you will find at Numberstation) originally retailed for around $30,000. These consoles were used in some of the great American studios of the 70s including Stax and Ardent. Our console has been extensively upgraded to allow for ease of integration with our Pro Tools system. All Pro Tools faders are connected by default to a real fader on the console for hands-on analog mixing with our collection of outboard gear terminated to our clearly-labeled TRS patch bay. Some of the outstanding features of this console are that all ins and outs are balanced with Jensen transformers and all faders are P&G 100mm long-throw.


Auditronics_Grandson_Console_1973-1024x746Auditronics_Grandson2_1975-712x1024 1-_MG_2079 1-_MG_2182 Headphones _MG_2166-001 1-_MG_2122

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