About Numberstation

Numberstation is a creative recording studio located in a quiet neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon, surrounded by organic gardens and fruit trees. It has been designed and constructed by producer and engineer Mo Talaba, using acoustically proven techniques and reclaimed materials. The studio features a control room with plenty of natural light, an isolation booth, and a tracking room with vaulted ceilings.

Numberstation is the place to complete your project, whether you are mixing, mastering, or doing overdubs for your record, recording voice over, ADR, post production mixing, or needing an original score for your film.

We understand that in today's computer-dominated world, many artists choose to track at home, so we offer the ultimate in ease of interface for the home recording artist. With a uniquely designed system, our quarter inch mil spec TRS patch bays allow anyone with an audio interface to patch into the gear and console for mixing. You have the option to use our installed Pro Tools system or bring your own system (both Mac and PC compatible) and connect to our high quality converters, analog console, and outboard gear.

In addition to offering such flexibility, studio owner, designer, and engineer  Mo Talaba is available for tech support - from electrical knowledge and audio wiring to computers and hilarious jokes.

Our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact inspired us to build as much of the studio as possible out of recycled and reclaimed materials; from recycled lumber to a custom restored and refurbished 1970s analog console. Every room in the studio has been custom built and measured using proven techniques. All rooms are treated using Owens Corning 703 and/or high density rockwool, various and BBC qrd diffusers.

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Where does the name “NUMBERSTATION” come from?

For 30+ years the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by world intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of Number Stations.

Shortwave Number Stations are a perfect method of anonymous one way communication. Spies anywhere in the world can communicate with their masters via small locally available Shortwave receivers. The encryption system used by Number Stations (known as a one time pad) is unbreakable. Combine this with the fact that it is almost impossible to track down the message recipients once they are inserted into the opposing country, it becomes clear just how powerful the Number Station system is.